How can I move a record from one table to another if the checkbox is checked?

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I have been reading a lot of the posts that are related to my question but unfortunately none of them answered what I was looking for.

As simple as the task is I have been finding difficulties with it, my question is the following:
How can I move a record from one table (Table A) to another (Table B) if the checkbox is checked?

I have read answers on to use the View option and to also use the option of integrating a third party such as zapier but both options are not the case.

I want the checked record in (Table A) to move to (Table B) where it will have another set of fields to fill.

I hope that is clear.

Thank you!

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The reasons most answers to this question are “use a View” are because Airtable staff and Community Leaders like myself almost never advise using two tables to house the same data, and “only show records with a checkmark” is the textbook use case for Views.

Is there something that a standalone Table would do for you that a Filtered View wouldn’t? You can change the fields that are visible for each view.

Instead of moving the record from one to the other, create a link between the two with a linked record. Then use lookup fields in Table B to see the values in Table A.

Hi @Maryam_Al_Kaabi,

If you would explain your use case more, we can help you better.

Simply put, you can do that with a script.