How might I dynamically carry over only items that have been rated to another table?

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Exploring using Airtable for naming. I have a table with a large list of name ideas (col 1). Other columns include category, notes and vote (rating / single star toggle). Only a handful of these name ideas will be voted for / picked, so I’m wanting those that are to automatically populate a second table. Is this possible? Or is there another way?

PS filtering by rated is not a desirable solution.

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The best way to do this would be to create another view in the same table which is filtered to only show you the records which match the criteria that you’re looking for.

If you want records to go to another table, you would need to create an automation to do that.

Re: automation, yes, this is where I’m stuck! :slightly_smiling_face: Would you be able to walk me through that process?

I’ve sorta worked out what I’m going for, although it’s just adding the name of the cell VS populating using the actual record.

Here’s where I’m at and what my goal is

That gets a little more complex. If you’d like to keep track of each collaborator’s votes for each idea, you would need to create another table to keep track of your votes and link that table back to your first table.

That would be called a “one-to-many relationship”, where each idea in your first table is linked to “many votes” in another table.

Airtable explains this in more depth on this page:

Then, back in your first table, you could create a rollup field that gives you the average vote rating (or the sum of all the vote ratings) for each idea.

Then, I would still recommend creating a 2nd view in your first table to show you only the ideas that have reached a certain threshold that you’re looking for (such as total number of votes or average vote rating).

Got it. Thanks a bunch for your time!