How to avoid "Fail" when weekly digest finds 0 records

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I’m reminding my team of tasks weekly, using a digest.

Some weeks there are 0 tasks (although rare). If this happens, the run is considered a failure, and I’m sent a report about it.

If there are no records to be found , I don’t want a digest to be sent. So in reality I don’t consider it a failure.

Is there any way to adapt the automation to this? Or do I need to await a potential if/then feature?

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Unfortunately, the Airtable engineers who designed this feature never considered that finding zero records should never be considered a failure.

I would recommend emailing to ask them to fix this flaw, but unfortunately, Airtable doesn’t typically listen to user feedback either.

Your only 2 options to workaround this are:

(1) customize your automation by writing your own custom JavaScript script to handle the finding records part,


(2) use a professional automation tool like Integromat, which is a low-code environment that doesn’t require any Javascript coding.