How to check form entries?

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I have a form that people register for a service. The registration is for 3 years. So when the customer comes back in 3 years to renew how can i handle this in my airtable database? Wont it have 2 entries the samenif this happens?

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Hey there! You would probably want to split this up like so:

Table 1: Customer details
Table 2: Subscription details

Then lookup the customer when they subscribe for the second time and you’ll then be able to see subscriptions split out by customer

Hope that makes sense

Hi, tnx for the reply. U mean create 2 grids? One customer and one subscriptions? And the form which the people fill out to be the subscriptions form?

Wheb h say lookup you mean apply filter?

I’m not sure what you mean by grids.

When I say lookup you would likely want to perform a lookup with an automation tool like Zapier.

Ok tnx. Do the form the customers complete and submit will be connected to the customer table yes?

Then when they come back to renew they will use the same form. So how is the other table (subscription table) going to be populate d?