How to copy some rows from 1 table to second using automation

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6 - Interface Innovator

i have table 1
with invoice nr, product, quantity
i want to copy selected records to another table using automations
i find the record, that meats the criteria (invoice nr) and want to “copy” those to another table
so i make triger, find records (found 4) and now i want to copy those to the table 2
i try to use “create record” (in table 2), but i get 1 row with multiple products - i want to get 1row with 1 product from what i find - please can anybody tell me how to, or what am i doing wrong ?

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Hi @Matej_Mudrik, you’re trying to create multiple records with automations, which is currently not possible. As you’ve seen you can only create one record at a time.

Creating multiple records is currently only possible with a script and I’ve actually made a video about it:

Happy to answer any questions if you choose to go down that route (you’ll need an Airtable Pro Account though).

(although the video actually focusses on creating more than 50 records at a time, which is not exactly your issue. But you’ll see how to create multiple records in this video as well :slightly_smiling_face: )