How to create a macro view that will count the number of records in different tables

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4 - Data Explorer

I have some tables that has many records and I want to have another table that will be called Macro View and its going to include all the counts of each table.

For example I have one table that is called “Peoples” and it has 50 records there, then I have another table that is called “Animals” and it has 25 records there, then I have another table that is called “Cars” and it has 10 records there.

Now what I want to achieve is that in this MacroView to have the sum of these records like example below:

People : 50
Animals : 25
Cars : 10

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hi Ylli,
I think you have three options to achieve what you described:

  • you could potentially set up a fairly complex system with formulas where you have the summary table with is linked to each of your other tables. Each of the records in your other tables should reference the specific record in your summary table (i.e. each person in the Peoples table should reference the People record in the summary table). Then in the summary table you could have rollups. Finally you would create an if column in the summary table that checks and shows the non empty column for each record
  • (BETTER SOLUTION) you could use Airtable’s new Interfaces feature to create some interfaces that do the summarising job for you.
  • (BEST SOLUTION) you could create a script that every day runs, calculates the totals and plugs in the values in the summary table. This would be very easy to make and would be the cleanest option

Hope this helps!