How to create formulas in automatics emails

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi guys, I have this base here where we put all the projects we take care.
1° e 2° columns we have the name of all projects and their groups.
Every 3 months, they have to send us a few documents for project accountability (each project has a specific date). We have the columns with the dates and others columns enumerated with 1°, 2°, 3°… accountability, so when the date comes, an automatic e-mail is sent to them (the automation takes the columns: name, group and number of accountability).
The e-mail is something like: 15 days to the project XXX from YYY send us the Z° accountability.

But the problem is: we have many accountabilities for each project (like 10 or more), we are taking more than 10 automations (synced to each date column) and we want to put it all in just one automation.

Someone knows how to do it?

The idea is creating a formula that recognize the date and takes its accountability number column

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