How to create more than one form in Page designer

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi, Crazy question, but can’t seem to get this.
Does the page designer only allow one form? I’ve created a form in the page designer. How do I create a second form, third, or fourth?
Any help will be greatly appreciated :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks, Pat

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Hi Pat,

You are correct — the Page Designer only allows one page design per app.

So, you would actually need to install the Page Designer app multiple times to create multiple different page designs.

You can rename each app installation to help you distinguish between the different apps.

And unfortunately, the big limitation with Airtable is that they only allow a maximum of 10 apps per base. (Unless your workspace is grandfathered in on an old Pro Plan.)

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the information. Wow. I think this is a little crazy but am glad you made me aware. I couldn’t believe I couldn’t figure out how to make a second template or form!

Thanks very much, Pat


You’re welcome!

You may also want to know that there are several other limitations with the Page Designer app as well.

Two of the biggest limitations are:

  1. Page Designer can “essentially” only handle single-page documents, and
  2. Page Designer cannot be automated in any way at all. You can’t have it automatically create a PDF of a document, you can’t have it automatically generate or print a document, you can’t have it automatically email a document, you can’t have it automatically embed the document into an attachment field, etc.

To workaround all of these limitations, I have many of my clients using DocuMint instead:

DocuMint can be almost 100% automated for creating multi-page PDF files and inserting those files back into your attachment fields in Airtable. Although I don’t think that DocuMint handles emails yet. For emailing the PDF files, I have my clients using Zapier or

Thanks again. This is very useful information.
I used to use a workaround to make a “pdf” in Airtable. I would upload the document to Airtable as an attachment, get the image address, insert this an Image in pagedesigner and use this as a “background”, then populate fields on top of this. Overall it worked well.
I made a switch in DB to Ninox and have been using Zapier to send data to Which has worked well.
I have the Plus plan in Airtable and since you can now ad Apps (3) to this I thought I’d try again and see what happens. For whatever reason now when I try this I can’t get the attachment I’m inserting as an image/background to not distort when I enlarge it. I’m not shocked but also not sure why it worked before.
Thanks again for your feedback. I really appreciate it. Pat
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