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How to Get 12 Hour Clock Time Value

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I am trying to get a formula to display the time of a date field, in 12 hour format.

Example: I have a date field set to 03/18/2022 6:00pm. I have a formula that is pulling just the time of that field : TIMESTR({Start}). This produces 18:00:00. But I’d love to get this in a simple: 6:00pm, or even 6:00.

I tried this wild formula, but that produces an error: DATETIME_FORMAT(TIMESTR({Start}),"hh:mm"). I’ve also looked around at some of the other solutions, but most require 2-3+ fields to get the number. Is there a simpler, “all-in-one-step” formula to achieve this?

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…and I answered my own question. Apparently, you can do the date/time format function to extract just time: DATETIME_FORMAT({Start}, "h:mm" ), produces 6:00