How to keep track of everyday workload with existing Airtable features?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi community,
I have a question about using Airtable to manage the creative team workload over time.

My goal is to build an Airtable template and ask the team members to write down the number of hours they spent on every task on a daily or weekly basis. And keep these records in the Airtable.
This could help us to keep track of the busy weeks and days that are less packed.

E.g., my producer can put down 2 hours today working on a video shoot task for planning, and 8 hours tomorrow on this video task again for onsite shooting, then 5 hours the day after tomorrow for this video shoot task for post-editing.

As you can see, I need a series of fields, that are connected with consecutive dates, and to be filled with numbers, which are the working hours.
I can then calculate the total hours they spent on a task easily with a formula. But I’m having difficulty building this template.

Does anyone know how to achieve that with the Airtable?
I’m open to any suggestions from using a template to an extension.

Many thanks in advance!

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Hi Enzo, assuming you’re getting your colleagues to key in data via a form, I would have a table (Form Submissions) with the following fields:

  1. Person
  2. Task
  3. Hours spent
  4. Date that the task was done

You mentioned wanting to keep track of busy weeks and days that are less packed, and so I think I would create a new table called Dates or some such and link it to the Form Submissions table, and have an automation that would copy the Date that the task was done value into the linked field

I could then create rollup fields per person that would show me the number of hours they spent on that day, or the tasks they had etc, does that make sense?