How to remove inventory count from multiple records

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have a Table for Product Creation that is linked to individually tracked Inventory on hand with a rollup to count down available inventory left as it is used in production. So, when I get to a point in production, I need to select multiple matching ingredient records with separate record ID’s because, let’s say, I need 2.5lbs of Flour but I have a 1 Lb bag remaining and a ten Pound new bag in inventory. Using multi-select you can choose booth ingredients, but the rollup removes the value from both instead of using the last of the 1 lb. bag and then removing the remaining amount from the 10 lb. bag. So instead of having 1 bag left at 9.5 lbs. I have 2 records 1 showing -1.5 lbs. and the other showing 8.5 lbs. left. Do I want to combine first so when they are removed in the process tab there is only 1 linked record to rollup, or is there a formula to cascade a value between records?

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Hmm that’s weird. Could you DM me a link to your base so I can help you troubleshoot it from there?