How to save Form Fields and descriptions

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hello! I’m new to Airtable and have created a form for a parent waiver that I am sharing with parents, so that they can sign it for their kids to go to an event.

I keep editing the form fields and descriptions in Form view, but then when I go to Grid view and then back to Form view, many of those field names and descriptions are gone. The text of the waiver, which I put in the Help Text, also disappears.

How do I get all of that text to stay put?

Also, when I tried to duplicate the form so I could have a Spanish version, all of those descriptions and the Form title name disappeared as well.

HELP!! Thanks!

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This sounds like a bug - I’ve never experienced anything like this. Could you post a screen recording of it happening? That might help us identify what’s going on.