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How to skip Pro trial plan?

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I just joined airtable and find it amazing ! I managed to build my product in a few days and just launched it.

But I’m facing an issue : I have an automation send an email (throught gmail) to people responding to a form. As my plan is still “Pro trial” I can’t send email to people who are not collaborator, I tried to upgrade my account but it says that my account will be upgraded after the 12 days left of the “Pro trial”.

Does someone know how I can unlock email in “Pro trial” or skip “Pro trial” to be on “Pro plan” from today ? More and more people are subscribing and email fails every time… :confused:

Thanks !

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Welcome to the very strange world of how Airtable operates. :crazy_face:

I would email about this, to see if they can upgrade you right now. And please report back here with what they tell you!

Thanks, I already sent a message. Do you know their average response time ?

Pretty slow, unfortunately. At least a day or two. Maybe longer. Weekdays only. (My big pet peeve with Airtable is that the company is not very focused nor responsive.)