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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi everyone,

On the linked table, I am struggling to figure something out.

First, I should clarify the table’s purpose. I want to visualize related pieces of content from different POV’s.

Example: in the Category column, when I mark something “security cameras” I then also mark the column beside it (“associated categories”). These “associated categories” are other categories (per the Category list) that possibly have overlapping content with the “security cameras” Category.

My goal is to start by looking at “security cameras” with all its associated links (see the “link” column) and then also visualize the links from all the other “associated categories.” My primary goal here, if it helps, is to count the number of total links (content pieces) I can pull from.

Right now, the best solution I have is to manually filter the Category column, starting with my main category, and then adding all the other ones after it. This is okay, but I know Airtable’s capabilities can do better, and I’d appreciate anyone’s input on it. Ideally, I wont need to pay for a plug-in.

Thanks guys,

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