I'm in the creator plan which doesn't exist

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi, just created an account and I’m in the “creator plan” which is not shown anywhere in the pricing options. Can someone clarify?

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Hi @Frederik_Simoen :wave: . Welcome to Airtable Community :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It sounds like you’re referring to permissions. Airtable has paid and free plans. Pricing is based on Workspace, not on the base. You can have multiple workspaces all on different plans. Only the owner of the workspace pays.

So if you’ve been added as creator on a base or on a workspace, they would be paying any fees on your behalf.

Here is a link about permissions.
Here is a link about plans.


4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I’m also in the “creator plan”. It would be nice to know what the pricing will be after the trial has ended.

@Markus_Henriksson, The price is $0. For your purpose, it’s free.

EDIT: I think I understand the confusion. Let’s take on the pretense that you’ve been recently hired as a project coordinator and the client uses Airtable as their PM solution. They wanted you to have full access so that you could create reports and build out tables. To accomplish this, they gave you the permission role off Creator.

Now let’s continue to pretend that this is the first time that you’ve even heard of Airtable and, up until now, you never owned an account. You get the invite from your client and accept it. Airtable asks you to create an account, which you did. New accounts are automatically on the pro plan during the trial and then after the trial, the account will revert down to a free plan unless you upgrade. Even if your client had had his base for 3 years, the fact you’re new to Airtable warrants a free trial.

It’s important to note that if this is your scenarily, you will actually have two workspaces. One that was automatically created for you at the time of registration with some sample bases in it and the other will be either the clients workspace listed by whatever name they gave it OR a space called Bases Shared With Me. How it shows up to you depends on whether your client shared the entire workspace with you or just a single base.

I’d be happy to go over this with you if you’d like. Either reach out and we can connect or send through a screenshot of what you’re seeing so that I can better explain.

In any event, the bottom line is that you will not be billed for anything.

Hope this helps.

UPDATE: I retract everything that I wrote and I apologize profusely for providing incorrect information.

It appears that Airtable has brought out this new Creator Plan which is similar to the Trial plan yet different. From what I could see, the pricing would remain free as long as there were no collaborators. As soon as a collaborator was added, the message changed to a Pro Trial plan for 30 days.

I’ve emailed Airtable asking for details on this plan. Will update once I hear back.

Hi @Nathalie_Collins

I am very interested in this too, since I am in the process of changing plans.

I checked out the Pro Plan, but I don’t have a business, so the cost is not worth it for me, since I will not be taking full advantage of all of the features.

Although, this Creator Plan sounds quite interesting, so I will wait for any I formation about this Plan.

Thank you,
Mary Kay

Here’s their response to me. Pretty much similar to what I could see.

Hey Nathalie,

The Creator plan is a current experiment that gives a new solo user almost all of including blocks, without the usual time constraints of a Pro trial. Once the person adds collaborators to the Creator workspace, it morphs into a 30-day Pro trial, to experience the power of Airtable Pro with others. 

Once users are added to a workspace, all users will have 30 days of premium use before payment is required.
*If no collaborators above read-only are added, the Creator-plan (Pro features) will remain in effect indefinitely.*

I, for one, am excited to hear about this new plan. It gives entrepreneurs, and other individuals, the opportunity to experience the full exposure. For now, it seems to be random users getting it as I had another new user to Airtable have the old traditional trial account yet this other new guy received all his workspaces under the new Creator plan. Would love to see how this evolves.