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I need help ☹️, here a the scenario :

"Real Estate" table has several fields (A1,A2, A3=( link(recordId of the "owner" table)), the "Intervention" table has several fields (B1,B2, B3=(link(recordID of the "owner" table) "Real Estate"), B4=(Lookup(recordId of the "Owner" table which is linked to the "Real Estate" table), B5=(link(recordID of the "Owner" table), . list in field B3 based on the equivalence between fields B4 and B5, and integrate this new list into a new field. Do you have any ideas for a formula or automation?

I'm building an app with softr and airtable, i'm an owner and i want to create some cleaning intervention in my homes with a formula.  

 i would like when i whant to create a new record "intervention" with a formula, only show   the real estat list that belong to the owner (me) not all the list of real estat in the database.

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Create an automation that runs when a new "Intervention" record is created. The automation should look for real estate records where the Owner ID matches the ID in B5 and link them to B3. By setting up the views and/or automations correctly, you ensure that when creating a new "Intervention" record, the real estate list displayed is filtered to show only those properties that belong to the current owner. 




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