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Hi everybody,

I would like to create a column that displays an action when a date has reached a certain value.
If the date field is 30/6/2022 the actionfield would read “GO”.

So I tried IF(Date=“30/6/2022”, “GO”, BLANK()), but it wouldn’t work.
IF(Date=Datetime_format(“30/6/2022”,‘D/M/YYYY’),“GO”,BLANK()). No result either.

What am I doing wrong?
The date field has an European Date format (D/M/YYYY).

Thanks in advance!

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7 - App Architect

Hi @Andre_Zijlstra!
In the first version I think it’s
a) an issue with understanding the date format and
b) you don’t have to use “BLANK()” (even though removing that doesn’t fix problem a).
Airtable formulas work as

value if true,
value if false

If you don’t need a value or output for when a condition is false you can leave that out rather than creating an empty output. If not for problem a, then this would have been the way to write it.

IF(Date='30/6/2022', 'GO')

In version 2 the formula is jumbled and you never tell it where to compare the date to.

This should work for you


If the date 30/6/2022 is ever subject to change I would suggest using the date field as an action date field and compare to TODAY() rather than a static date in the formula. Something like

IF(IS_BEFORE({Date}, TODAY()), 'Go')

This one worked fine:

Thank you!