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6 - Interface Innovator

The Page Designer extension includes a static field to contain an image. I often use this field to contain our company logo on the header of a Page Designer template. The static field requires that you specify an image URL. Up to this point, I have used a single record in a “globals” table to host the company logo in an attachment field; grab the logo’s AirTable URL and set the Page Designer static image field accordingly.

This is now broken. I believe it’s because of the AirTable attachment URL security feature, making the URLs dynamic after a couple hours (something like that).

I have no other way of hosting the company logo on a public URL. Page Designer has no method of “uploading” an image instead of the URL reference as I understand it.

How can I fix this? Is there an alternative method of hosting the image without using another 3rd party service? Is there a way to shut off the dynamic URL on attachments for a single record? Will Page Designer be updated to include a feature to upload the image instead of a URL reference?

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Expiring Airtable attachments won’t happen until November.

You should just be able to add the attachment field itself to your page.

Once the changes to Airtable attachment urls are complete, you will not be able to use this method to host static images in Page Designer.

Using a 3rd party service isn’t that bad. A free Cloudinary account should suffice.

Airtable has hinted that a new version of Page Designer is in the works, but has not released any details.

This is for a static image that is the same for all records in Page Designer. The actual image is in a different “globals” table in a different record from the main table/record in Page Designer. Thus, it isn’t possible to add the attachment field itself to the page. It would be possible to link all the records to this control record and pull the image across with a lookup field, but that is a maintenance headache and will slow down the base. I think Cloudinary is a better alternative.

It’s super-easy to link every record to a single value in another table, which acts as the global field table. Just use an automation to always put the number 1 in the linked record field.

The automation itself is fairly easy. But it still takes up automation runs and having the control record linked to thousands of record in a different table can potentially slow down the base.

Linking to the Globals table with filter works, no automation needed. However, it does clutter up the table with 2 additional fields (link and lookup) containing the same data for all the rows.

Thanks for the suggestions. Since the security issue is not to be released until Nov, I am not certain why the link stopped working today.

Hopefully an update to Page Designer will make things more efficient.

Scott, can you please elaborate on this? I don’t understand what number 1 will do and how to set up this automation.

thank you!

10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

Our Page Designer also just gave up with the one company logo. We're looking for a permanent easy solution, not an ugly workaround...