Index google calendar with base columns?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi, I’m new here and just learning this service. Is there a way index and match google calendar with information in your base sheet? I want the subject of the google calendar to match up with name of each row? I need to be able to upload new dates, appointment, to my google calendar and have the new date show with the matching row. Also it needs to update the old appointment dates with the new appointment dates. Or if there a better way to do this? I will be uploading new appointment dates a few times a month. I use to use xlookup index and match on excel but would like to use a service like Airtables instead. I’m not hooked on Google calendars, I would be happy to do all this withing Airtables if I know how. My goal is having my 8000 contacts in a base sheet then having a way to bulk upload the new appointment dates ever week or two and have them index and update the correct matching contact. I use ID tags for each contact for my matching.

Thank you

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