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Is it possible to graph the Y-Axis as Duration?

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Hello everyone,

I am trying to graph a line chart to measure sessions or time spent. The X-Axis represents date and the Y-Axis represents time or duration. Unfortunately, the error says “Y-axis field ‘XYZ’ is not numeric”. It would be nice to picture the highs and lows through time. Any thoughts?

For example:
10/1 - 1:22
10/2 - 0:45
10/3 - 1:05
10/4 - 0:56
10/5 - 1:45

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Is your time field a Duration field type? If so, I notice you can’t choose it for a Chart - but if you use a formula field you can - if you just select the Duration field as the formula value it will show second - you can then divide by 60 to display minutes etc. This can then be shown on a chart.

Hope this helps.

Can you show an example of this? I can’t get this to work