Is there a way to easily create an Executive Summary table that links to all of the other Tables/Tabs?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi Airtable community,

I am new to Airtable and looking to create an easy (not overwhelming) way to present all of the Tables/Tabs that need to be filled out by our clients.
Currently, we have a number of Tables which creates many Tabs that have to be scrolled horizontally at the top. This is not ideal, as there isn’t a way to see all Table names at once.
I am thinking of creating an Executive Summary Table which becomes the 1st tab in the list that has a Vertical list of Table/Tab names linking to the Tables/Tabs that way.
However, I need help in creating these links.
What do you suggest?
Is there an easy way (automated) to create this Executive Summary?
If not, how can I link to the Tables/Tabs themselves? Are there anchor links I can use?

Thank you in advance!

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The three dashes in the left corner of the Tables tabs allows you to see a searchable list of tables where clicking on one takes you directly to that table. Similarly, the CRTL+J keyboard shortcut lets you search for tables.

Otherwise you could make your first table have one row per table that includes a link to that table. All table links are predicatable:[base id]/[table id]. You could fill this out yourself, or run this script once:

let baseId =
let tables = base.tables

let summaryTable = base.getTable("Name of Table")

let updates = => {
    return {
        fields: {
            "Table Id":,
            "URL": `${baseId}/${}`

while (updates.length > 0) {
    summaryTable.createRecordsAsync(updates.slice(0, 50))
    updates = updates.slice(50)

Welcome to the Airtable community!

I have done this often. I use a button field for opening different tables/views. The button field uses the “Open URL” action. The formula for the button field is a url field.

So my table has the following fields:

  • table / view name (single line text)
  • url of table / view (url field)
  • button field (open url)
  • help text explaining purpose of table (long text field)

You can get the urls from your web browser when you open Airtable in a web browser.