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Is there a way to filter? I don't know

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Hello! I have the below table that list Rooms with the associated Furniture and Accessories that belong in them. I would like to be able to filter on a field in a separate table for Client ID.
The thing is because I’m keeping track of Rooms over time for each client, multiple Client ID names display when I link the below table to the other table for Client ID. I tried to filter on 1 particular client’s name for Client ID, I could also see the other clients that have used the same type of furniture pieces. I only want to see information for 1 person.

I hope this makes sense. Is there a way to make this happen?

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Hi Nedra, I’d love to help, but without a better understanding of your base layout this would be quite difficult to do. Could you perhaps share some screenshots of the tables and fields in question? Specifically, the other table where you’re trying to filter for the Client ID, as well as how it links to this and other tables, as well as any other information you think I may need?

If you’d like, you could also DM me a link to your base and I’ll see what I can do for you

Thank you so much for asking! Attached are screenshots. Image 1 shows a table with the Project ID field that I want to be able to filter on. You can also see that some are repeat clients. The Project ID field is linked to the Client Info tab. When you look at Image 2 of Client Info tab, you can see there are multiple projects for repeat clients. Image 3 shows the field being linked to a view of the table in Image 1 because I want to filter for active projects only (and not the closed ones). Image 4 is the original table that I started with and want to use this one. If you notice how the Home Staging Project column has multiple occurrences of all projects (both closed and active), that’s when I started to question if I can make this happen. This table is also linked to the table in Image 1. Image 5 is the table I hope to include the filter and it’s possible that I’ve worked harder rather than smarter on this lol. I hope this make sense and thanks again.

Hi Nedra, thank you very much for the explanation!

Here’s what I understand of what we’re trying to accomplish so far:

  1. The Room Planning List table is linked to the Home Staging Projects table
  2. In the Room Planning List table, you would like to be able to filter by a specific client ID from the Home Staging Projects table

Is that right?

You mentioned that when you filtered, you could also see the other clients that have used the same type of furniture pieces. Does that mean that it was displaying rows that should not be appearing?

I’m currently trying to mimick your base here so that I have a clearer understanding of your setup, and if you could let me know where I’ve gone wrong that’d be great

So sorry for all the questions!

Thank you for the questions! The Room Planning List table isn’t linked to the Home Staging Projects table because when I worked with the source table Rooms to Stage List (Image 6), I didn’t see any possibility of making it happen (due to the multiple Client occurrences) and for the most part, I need that table to stay the way it is because it serves a purpose by linking to the Home Staging Projects table. So basically, I’m stuck and not sure how to move forward without causing errors with other tables. I also realize that I may be working harder rather than smarter.
Image 6

When I filtered in the source table Rooms to Stage List (Image 6), I could see the multiple Client occurrences, which is why I created a new table to avoid causing errors. Hopefully that makes sense.

Hmm, okay. So an example of what we would like to achieve is:

In the Rooms to Stage List table, when we filter by a Home Staging Project, we would only want the rooms that are linked to that one specific Home Staging Project to appear

And so with reference to Image 6, we would like to be able to filter by “04-26-22 | Dani and Mirian Montesinos” and only have the record “Kitchen w/ Breakfast Nook” appear?

Further, you also want to be able to do this with the Room Planning List table?

Because I don’t know if I can filter in the Rooms to Stage list without it impacting the Home Staging Projects table, I created the Room Planning List. If there’s a way for me to apply a single filter to the Rooms to Stage list without impact to any other table, I’d love to do it. I ultimately want to create a PDF document that I can use to plan plan my projects, which is why I mentioned creating this in Excel. Creating dynamic PDF documents in Airtable may not be worth the trouble to research.