Is there a way to limit a number row?

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4 - Data Explorer

I’m using AirTable as an inventory manager instead of Excel, but when I output more products than what’s on my inventory, my inventory marks as negative. What I want is that in the output row, I always have a limit according to my stock, so when I try to output more units than I have, it mark an error or only corrects to my maximum possible.

The issue is that the person that register the outputs not always knows the available stock, so if he outputs 100 units of “x” and there are only 50 on stock, he won’t notice that the inventory is in negative.

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hi Anastasio, there is no way that I know of to stop a user from inputting a number greater or lower than a certain threshold in a field. However, you can set up different systems to alert users about records that have trespassed thresholds. Three good ideas could be:

  • setting up ad-hoc views filtering for those records
  • setting up a colour formatting system to flag those records with a certain colour
  • sending emails to alert of such records

Here is an article in my website where I go over these three options: Low Stock Inventory Alerts - Airtable Consulting
Hope this helps!