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Is there bandwidth limit in free plan?

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hellow everyone!
bandwidth is limited for free plan? or i get unlimited bandwidth with free plan?

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I think not, I didn’t see anything regarding bandwidth :man_shrugging:

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Hi @Rvbanna_420

Here is a link to the plans with details. If you want to know what the plan prices are monthly, there is a switch/toggle at the top of the page, to change the prices:

Hope it helps.

Mary K

I think not, I didn’t see anything regarding bandwidth :man_shrugging:

There are several different limits in Airtable.

Plan Limits

These limits depend on your plan and are documented on the pricing plan:

  • record limits across all tables in a base
  • attachment storage limits across all tables in a base
  • revision and snapshot history

Exceeding these limits may cause loss of functionality, (although it might not happen immediately.)

Beyond that, you may experience slowdowns depending on how much you do, but operations will still eventually go through.

For example, if you want to upload a lot of attachments, you can do it, but it will be vey slow. Actual performance may also depend on the speed/power of your computer and internet connection.

If you want to download a lot of attachments, it also may be very slow. Previews of attachments might take a while to load.

Standard and Scripting API limits

These limits do not depend on your plan. They are documented with their respective APIs.

  • batch limits relating to the number of records per request
  • rate limits for the number of requests per second

If you exceed these limits, your request will probably fail.

On the other hand, these limits apply only to the Standard and Scripting API, not normal users.

thank you for helping me

okay sir thank you for helping me