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Is there something better than Airtable's Gantt charts that works with airtable api?

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I’m working with Airtables gantt charts but find them a little limiting compared to things I have used in the past. At my company we have events, things that happen over the weekend, and more holidays than most.

I would like to be able to block out the entire time an Event is happening because most people can’t work on anything else. I would also like to keep weekends visible because we have tasks that happen over the weekends. Additionally, I would like to see company holidays on the calendar because most people don’t work during those.
I know I can hide weekends and holidays, but I would prefer to still see them on the calendar but have airtable work around them.

In addition to that I would like to be able to collapse the view more so that I can see more of the airtable in one screen rather than having to scroll a lot to see how projects may overlap.

I have worked with other time management programs at other companies that allowed all of this to happen and I am finding airtable’s gantt charts to be pretty basic in comparison.

Is there an external program that I can use that can use airtables api to create a gantt chart, but also update the airtable calendar when changes are made on the gantt chart? Or should I consider just moving project planning to a differnet program than airtable all together and just use airtable for other things?

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