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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hello everyone

The new “Create junction table” app published by Airtable works like a charm, but there’s one downside: it creates all possible combinations of linked records from two tables, and doesn’t let you selectively create records based on views.

To briefly explain the challenge, here is a use case:

  • We have new students joining the organisation every few months. (Table = Students)
  • We have multiple syllabuses in our organisation, with the assignments all configured in Airtable (Table = Assignments)

We have a junction able of “Students x Assignments” that we populate for each new student group.

When we get new group of, for example, mathematics students, we want to create new records in our junction table for “Recent joiners” , a view in the Students table and for “Maths Syllabus”, a view in the Assignments table.

Having previously made very minor tweaks in another scripting block (Scripting Block: Link Surveys/Forms Submitted to Contacts - #6 by Noah_Coleman), I have a strong suspicion that selecting records based on views should be possible, but my coding is amateur at best :slightly_smiling_face:

Has anyone created something that might help, please?

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