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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Not sure if anyone wants to or has the capacity to help me out with my quandary, but I am hoping a wicked smart user can sort me out with my challenge below. I fear I may not be clearly explaining the problem I face. If anyone should need additional information, do please let me know.

I am attempting (and failing spectacularly) to create a filtered view of drivers whom have NOT yet turned in their expense for a trip. This is a simple yes/no answer (checkbox field that I manually enter). The challenge is the linked field which requires a yes/no answer is set up to allow linking to multiple records…. So I will have multiple drivers on one record in the linked Driver field. As one can imagine, the drivers will never turn their expenses in at the same time.

How can I provide or is it possible to provide individual yes/no responses to a linked field with multiple records.


I own/run a small transportation company,

I have a base that I use for my operational and invoicing activities for my transportation company.

The structure is as follows:

There is an invoice table that is linked to the invoice lines table.

In the invoice lines table, I have a linked field to a table titled Drivers. This linked field allows Linking to multiple records.

In the invoice lines table, I use each record as a billable activity on a corresponding linked invoice.

For example, see the records below:
Screenshot 2020-03-10 at 12.59.44

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Hi @David_Walters,

The setup as it is cannot give you the data you require. I would suggest you have another table which have one record for each trip and each driver. You can can link this table to the invoice number shown in your screenshot below.