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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi, I’m wondering if the following situation is a bug or not.
Currently, when we create a linked record field, the “card” that is shown once a record was actually linked, shows the fields in an order that belongs to the very first view that linked record’s table belong to.

What I found, is that when you configure the linked record field, to be limited to a particular view, then the fields arrangement from such view is not used to render the “card”.

Is this correct?

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That’s typical behavior.

Thanks for getting back to me! Yeah, I thought so. I believe it make sense to get that fields’ order if you don’t’ select any view.

Though I see a ton of value on the card field’s order being related to the selected view. This way we could reuse the already great value of having views and order those fields as wanted.

Do you know if there is a feature request to change it?