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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I have a big table (Main Table) with lots of linked records to various other tables, lookups etc. The Primary field of Main Table is Calculated.

I made a new Table, added a secondary field, and tried to link it automatically by pasting in the 100 primary fields from Main Table. But only some records will link up, w lots of fields staying blank. Exact same result when I paste in as single line text, and then convert it to a linked field.

I CAN however, link each field manually to the ones that wouldn’t automatically link. I tried looking for certain circumstances in the Main Table that were unique to those that wont link up automatically, and cannot find any trends.

I have the highest permissions, and fields are not locked that I know of. Maybe some sub-field is locked that is causing the issue?

A little unnerving because I am going to rely on some big linking operations to get each of my annual work cycle’s started. Thanks!!


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