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4 - Data Explorer

I have created a base so I can learn more about how Airtable works and I’ve tried to link records from one page/sheet/table to another and I think it’s pretty messy so I was wondering if someone could take a look and offer some advice on how I can correct it.

It’s a base of Movies that I’ve seen myself and I have sheets for the Actors from the movie as well as the writer/director/producer. This has raised several issues.
For starters, there are duplicate writer/director/producer fields in the movie table and I don’t know why.
Secondly, sometimes an Actor is also a writer/producer/director in the same movie so I would like these to be linked.
Thirdly, in the Movie table I would like the Actors entry to be at the top as it’s more important than the Writer/Producer/Director information but I can’t see how to change where it’s displayed atm.

Hopefully this link works:

Movie Base

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Sub table is just a term used sometimes for the ‘many’ side of a one to many relationship - think invoice lines and their relationship to the invoice. Their relationship is definitely one of Parent/Child - or Main/Sub records etc