Lookup and sort information based on a lookup field in same table

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I am trying to sort information for employee reviews in columns, but I;m not sure what tool I should be using or if it is even possible to do in Airtable. Here is the scenario:

I have a list of email addresses (column 1) and employees (column 2). In column 3, using a linked record to the email address, I have assigned people who will do peer reviews. Now I would like to add a column that shows all the employees assigned to the original employee (column 2).

Is this possible?

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Add a Lookup-type field that relies on the {Peer Review Assignment 2021} field that points to the `{Full Name} column (fastest way to do so is right click the link field and select “add lookup”).

Thanks Kamille, but that’s not exactly what I’m looking for.

Currently the Peer Review Assignment 2021 column are the people that have to do a review on the employee. I would like to add a column that shows all the employees that are assigned TO the employee in that row.

Using the names in the screen shot…Cecilia is assigned to do a review on Morgan, so on Cecilia’s row I would like to add a column that shows she is assigned to Morgan.

I hope that makes sense.

Oh, sorry. You’re looking for a reverse link setup. That’s something handled automatically for links across tables, but as you’ve discovered not within tables.

I see you have the current year in your field name. Is this something you have to do each year? Will you be adding a new field for each year? That setup is going to complicate your options.

The year in the field names is not something that is required. I’ve used this database as a grand experiment in learning Airtable, so I’ve added the year to fields as I have made modifications.