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Lookup Array of IDs from intergration

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Let’s say I have a form integration connection to Airtable. When someone submit the form, an array of product IDS will be inserted into the product_ids field like [3294239423, 3873298293] (a long text field). Is there a way to use this array to lookup for products, using those ids?

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Welcome to the Airtable community!

It is possible, but how you do it depends on the setup of your base. If the product IDs are the primary field value in the linked table, you can copy/paste the long text field to the linked text field to make the links. Or you can use an automation to update the linked record field with the value from the long text field.

If the linked table has a different value in the primary field, this can be done with scripting, or possible with a third party automation tool.

How it will work if the long text field includes multiple ids in a cell? It seems not to be the primary fill, it actually the Record ID. Is there a way that I can do this without using code? I’m free to modify the format of the id list field.

If the long text field is a comma separated list of primary field values, you can copy/paste the values or use an update automation.

If the long text field is a comma separated list of Airtable record IDs, you cannot copy/paste the values, but you can still use an update automation. However, the examples you gave are not Airtable record IDs. Airtable record IDs stare with rec and are followed by 14 alphanumeric characters.