Make the result of Roll Up appear in every row rather than in a single fiedl

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hello, I hope you can help me.


Based on the image above:
In Table A, I have Data1 and Data2, and then Data3. I want Data3’s Unique Values to reflect in Table B - Data3.

In Table A, Data 3 is a result of concatenate formula. Data1 and Data2 may change anytime, thus when changed, will subsequently change the result of Data3 in Table A.

Table A’s Data3 Field should stay as formula field. If I try to make it a linked field and link to TableB, it will change the formula to link field and will not update when a change is made in TableA’s Data1 and Data2. we dont want that.

Thus, what I did is add Data4 field, make all the field values as “.”, or period, then link it to Table B. In Table B’s results, I’ll roll up and want the results to appear in every row of the table.

I used roll up ARRAYUNIQUE(Values) and ARRAYJOIN(VALUES,’\n’) but the results appear in one field.

Please help.

Thank you

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The image is not showing. Anyway, by definition, a Rollup affects to all the records, as it is a property of the represented entity.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer


Thank you for your reply:

Here’s the image and what I would like to happen if possible


you could use the “point workaround” and then maybe use some function like ARRAYUNIQUE(), but I think Airtable is not the best tool for what you are doing.