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I am not a database person but have built several simple access databases where I used subforms to create a one-to-many relationship. For example, a project tracking, but unlike all of the airtable examples I see, I want to have say a project name and short description in one table and then in the other table a date and a long text field with the particular update for the project. So I could then view each project and all of the updates to it by date. With access this was easily accomplished with a subform linking back to the main table in a many to one relationship. Is there a way to do this in Airtable? I looked briefly at a junction table but did not quite follow, is this how to accomplish what I am after? Thank you.

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In the table with the date in it, create another column of type “Link to Another Record”. Select the table with the Project name. This will link a date with multiple projects.

I would not want the date linked with multiple projects. There would be many dates linked to a single project and that would be the scenario for all the projects.

This will work the other way around too. Create a new column in the Projects Table that is a Link To Other Records from the Dates table.



I think this is what you are referring to. A little confusing, it puts the dates together in a field and the updates in a field, would rather see like I did in access where you would have the date of each update with its associated update. This could get messy very quick with a lot of updates!
Is there a better way than what I have done? Thank you for your help.