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4 - Data Explorer


I want to create membership based table in airtable. I want to know if this is possible in Airtable. I want to master table. lets say tableMaster with 4 column. In master table, values in column 1 and 2 are fixed and can only be changed by the admin but values in column 3 and 4 can be changed by the admin and members. When a new member sign up, the airtable should create instance of tableMaster for this member. We will call it memberA-tableMaster. The member can then enter values for column 3 and 4 to see the view of this table based on his values. When another member join, new instance of tableMAster will be created and we will call it memberB-tablemaster. 

Is this something possible in Airtable using Softr or any other code platform.

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