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4 - Data Explorer

Hey all,

I stumbled upon Airtable and love the look of the site. However, I have no idea if the software is advanced enough to handle what I use Google Sheets for. Hopefully someone here that’s more familiar with the functions of Airtable can let me know!

Right now, I use Sheets to dump data I scraped from, de-dupe it, and keep status records of what I’ve done with each record. My workflow is this:

  1. Scrape returns 300 jobs with their job title, company, and location
  2. I paste those 300 rows into the “Dump” page on my google sheet
  3. On the “Unique” page in my sheet, I use the Unique function to de-dupe any (or most duplicate) listings.
  4. I have a Status Column on the right that makes it easy to check off the status and use conditional formatting (I’m sure this part would be a breeze).

I would think the Unique function is relatively easy to implement as well. What I’m not sure of is the last part of my sheet.

I have a “Master Key” sheet where I put a company that I know will be listed multiple times, but will all have the same status. For example, there are a lot of job ostings from Amazon LLC, which is too big for me. So I put it in the “Master Key” and write “Too Big” next to it. Then in an Auto Status column in my “Unique” page I write this formula - =IF(B2="","",INDEX(‘Master Key’!$B:$B,MATCH(B2,‘Master Key’!$A:$A,0)))

This auto checks and marks all instances of Amazon LLC as “Too Big” and then the conditional formatting crosses it off.

Does this sound like something that can be done with Airtable? I can clean up a copy of a sheet of mine to share with you just to give you the idea, let me know if someone would like me to!


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A few people want the same thing as you