Multiple Page Doc in PageDesigner May 2023

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

What happened to PageDesigner?!?!?! I have been using the same extension for three years to print a two-page per record document. The page is set to be the size equivalent of two, portrait 8.5x11 pages. All of a sudden, yesterday, I opened up the Extension that holds my document and the entire second page was missing. The fields were there, but the white background was missing. I reset the page size to accommodate the length of a two page document. All appeared to be well, but when I went to print it, it only prints the second page of one record in the view. 

Any insights would be greatly appreciated

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Airtable Employee
Airtable Employee

Hi Amber! Thank you for surfacing this for us and so sorry for the trouble this is causing. Since Page Designer requires unique sizing to produce multiple pages, it no longer matches the standard printing sizes which Page designer defaults to when you export a PDF or print; that seems to be the likely cause as to why values are still getting cut off once the page is printed. We encourage users who have custom pages to export these as PDFs first, open the PDF separately, and then print from the PDF for best results. Could you let me know if this produces a better result for you?

Thank you for the response. The Page Designer page size is set to custom (927 x 2112). I can't figure to how to export it as a pdf. I have tried printing to a pdf, but that is when I am encountering the issue describe in my original post. Thank you for your help

I appreciate you outlining this for me! That would be the recommended method when moving to PDF (Print dialog -> PDF per our FAQ page), so if that is resulting in the same behavior, it unfortunately sounds like this boils down to more specific circumstances pertaining to how this extension relates with individual software drivers today. If you'd like, I'd be glad to see a support thread opened for you to glean a bit more insight into the exact specifications you're working with and see if we can identify some areas for improvement—just let me know.

I have tried a few printers a well as to different pdf software programs with the same result. I have figured out a workaround in the short term and would greatly appreciate a support thread to help with a long term solution. Thank you!!

Sure thing! I've just sent you an email via Support to dig further into this issue. 😊