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4 - Data Explorer

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Not sure how to properly explain this, But i have an inventory that is transferred to excel and then updated into the FC Inventory tab daily. I want the “Current QTY” column in the FC tab, in the first pic to be automatically updated when i upload my inventory into the “FC Inventory” tab. The Inventory is displayed in the 3rd pic, It comes in as unique rows and sometimes the same names but unique dates to each name. I set up a simple Formula Tab along with view “Total Q” and “test” view, that counts each unique row along with date and shows the sum (circled) Right now my only option is to manually input those sums into the “current Qty” tab from the first pic. When i update my inventory daily I need to overwrite/clear out the entire “FC Inventory” tab so I dont have any lookup/linked columns in that tab.

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Accurate but probably not-very-helpful response:

What you are attempting to do is perform a multi-record calculation, which is not the easiest thing to accomplish in Airtable. This earlier post discusses several approaches to implementing such a beast. That said, it may be possible to restructure your base somewhat to provide some of the desired functionality — but I can’t tell for certain based on the screenshots provided. My suggestion would be to duplicate the base, sanitize the duplicate version (that is, delete any sensitive data and pare each table back to no more than a handful of records), and post a shared, read-only link to the base (with copying permitted), someone here may be able to suggest alternatives…