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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi - I would like to use Kanban view but don’t want duplicate records to pop up until they are sorted.

For example let’s use a persons name. Derek Jeter. I want to have 10 Derek Jeters. Once the first Derek Jeter is assigned to a team ( say the Yankees) a second record will appear that can be eligible to be placed on another team Kanban.


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So, within the Uncategorized stack - you’re only wanting one of the duplicates names listed and then once it’s assigned, you want it to populate with the next duplicate?

Here is the result that I just got working with an Automation Script - as with all Automations, it takes about 5 seconds to update;

So, my initial setup is this;

To get a step closer to what you’ve described, we’ll need to make our own “Unassigned” type;


We’ll then need to monitor that stack with a script, that scans the Uncategorized duplicate records and then adds the next duplicate to the custom “Unassigned” stack, limiting it to one at a time.


I wrote this Automation script in haste, so it might be buggy, but it worked well enough in my quick testing;

let table = base.getTable("List");
let query = await table.selectRecordsAsync({
    fields: ["Demeanor", "Address"],

let gonnaFindOut = "";
let demeanorCount = query.records.filter( record => ( record.getCellValueAsString("Demeanor")) == "🎅🏻 Gonna Find Out").length


if (demeanorCount < 1) {
    [gonnaFindOut] = query.records.filter( record => ( !record.getCellValueAsString("Demeanor"))).map( record =>
    await table.updateRecordAsync(gonnaFindOut, {
    "Demeanor": {name: "🎅🏻 Gonna Find Out"}