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Hopefully, someone can help shed some light on this issue I am having pulling text from a ServiceNow form. I don’t know if the issue I am running into is because the input type is “hidden” or if it’s just the input field that I am not understanding how to pull. I found this article but don’t know if Airtable will take the same syntax. I have tried and it did not work for me. Help! How to scrape a hidden input value? - How to? - Web Scraper

The fields I was trying to pull from were the (Number, Request, and Request for) The number field cannot be changed. I am guessing this is the hidden field. Instead of pulling the web clipper from that field, I ended up pulling the information from the upper left nav field, but I still need to pull data from (Request and Request for)

Small Window

After using the tooltip I tried a bunch of different inputs for the CSS selector. I fail miserably, even after reading through the Airtable documentation a few times. I will add I have little CSS experience but I went through a YouTube binge to help me understand the differences between Simple Selectors.

The image below is the additional information I get when I selected the Request field, I noticed the same value I am looking for is above the highlighted text. (value=“REQ0012598”). Again no success pulling the text from either div/class.

Which Value

This last image is a full screenshot. Again I am trying to capture data from certain fields that have the #input value.

Full window

This might be unnecessary, but I wanted to paste all the information. The information in above and below the dashes is the highlighted information from the tooltip. I felt it might be useful to add a bit more information.

------------------------------------------------------------ A new record with this value will be created automatically

#element.sc_req_item.request > div.col-xs-10.col-sm-9.col-md-6.col-lg-5.form-field.input_controls > div.hidden

Copy Selector

Copy JS Path

Copy XPath

Copy full XPath

Thanks for your help in advance. This is a lot of information, and not exactly sure what to share when asking for assistance with the Web Clipper app.

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