New user, seeking template that might fit my (simple) use case

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hello, first day trying Airtable. I have a rather simple use case but I don’t know my way around Airtable at all, so I am hoping there is a template that might help point me in the right direction to start. Here is the use case (even more simplified):

I have a committee (X) of 6 people that track conversations with 10-20 project teams. For each project, I need to capture the who are the team leaders and then all I need is a running series of long form note fields that any of the X committee members can fill in, add a date and their name.

In other words, I want any member of the X committee to be able to look any of the project teams, and review the notes from each call that were left by any other member of the X committee.

Hopefully this makes sense. All I am looking for is a pointer to a template that might be relevant to help me start this and/or any pointers that would help. Thanks.

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