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Nice reporting through layers of relationships

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I have a base structure of:


Whee an event can have a number of venue slots (ie each day’s activity) and each slot has a number of staff allocated to it

I would like to be able to produce a report which shows all of the staff that have been allocated to an event, but I can’t see a way to do this. I can only insert a table for children of the master record - I can’t seem to go any deeper?

I was wondering about somehow exporting the data to google sheets but can’t see a great way to do this?

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Hi @Richard_Williamson

I assume you are linking all those tables via Linked Record fields?

If so, you can just use a Rollup field in Event table (using ArrayUnique(values)) to get all the names of the Staff

Thanks - the problem though is I would like to be able to get a rollup of all the information (name, start time, finish time, cost) - I suppose I could create a calculated field in the staff_allocations table and report on that but it seems pretty ugly

You need a direct connection between Event and Staff, bypassing Venue.
This way you’ll be able to use Page Designer to list the relationship.

Urgh thanks - I suppose would need to be an automation which updates a field. Airtable is so frustrating how it’s almost great but falls down so badly on the reporting

Yes an automation would do Event :link: Staff.
And yes, reporting capabilities are rather poor. That’s why they called it Page Designer and not Report Designer.