Not able to see released custom app in UI

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4 - Data Explorer

I have a custom app with multiple remotes. I released the same app for all remotes, and not able to find how to enable the app for the base. It does not show up in the UI at all.

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How did you install the app in the remote base?
Is it listed in your set of remotes?
Could someone have deleted the app from the remote after it was released?
Have you tried reinstalling the app to the base?

I did block release in the root folder.

I got successfully released block! in response.

Is the app automatically activated for the base? how do I find the app in the UI?

Your local installation still fine? Integrity checks and all? The remote-adding interface isn’t the greatest just yet but make sure your remote.json files are all in the .block folder before fiddling with version control.

Have you installed the app in the other base per these instructions?

Is the remote listed when you run
block list-remotes?

Did you release to the remote base (not just the development base)
block release --remote my_other_base

Have you looked in all of the dashboards?

If all else fails, you can reinstall the app to the remote base.

Interesting that you mention it, I’m getting this error in development mode

"message": "You can only run your development block in the original block where it was created."

Let me guess, the build was released from a Windows machine? Not saying the OS is the culprit but I’ve seen that message more times than I dare counting for fear of what remains of my sanity. It happened maybe once with WSL Airtable projects, but Windows are a different story.

If you ever get to the bottom of this, I’d love to hear the follow-up, so far I’ve mostly suspected node installations but with the Blocks SDK being in beta and the interface being as hacky as it is… who knows.

Either way, I hope you’re not Git-averse, robust version control is the only thing that can un-f**k this, from my experience.

EDIT: Obviously, double-check your remote.json files and try running a dev build from the original base used while creating the project. But in my case, that error message was a linter-produced red herring more often than not.