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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hello everyone!

I’m absolutely new to Airtable and I have no idea what to start with. Tried looking up at YouTube guides and Airtable guides but couldn’t find a solution.
I’m working as a Frontend Trainee and my manager is asking me to do a certain task with Airtable (I have no idea why), and here I am asking you to share your experience with me.

So I will add screenshots to make it clear what my task is about.

In table “Raw Data” I have some data with 2 shops K12 and K59 and formulas on percent done to goal.


And then there is a Summary Bar at the bottom of sheet which has an option of displaying an average of selected field


First question would be how do I stream/broadcast Summary Bar’s Avg to another rows/table?
From what I know by reading guides it is not really possible.
If that’s correct, is there a workaround to display average of “K12 Percent” field (and later “K59 Percent”’) fields in a selected row?

Selected row might be in another table like so (but thats not necessary)


Next if lets say K12 KPI percentage goes <50% then solution(s) appear.

Currently solutions are in Resolving table (this can be in the same table that’s also not necessary).


So if Overall % Avg field goes below 50% then Solution field gets a record from Name records in Resolving table for example “Hire more people”.


I understand this might be not really well explained, but any opinion on this solution is welcome and sorry for such a long post!

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Hi @Marijus_Ladanovski and welcome to the community!

Because Airtable is the best there is of course!

Personal thought: I would use a single select field to indicate per record to choose between stores. That way, you’ll be able to build dashboards (eg charts) using the data (more easily).

You can use a linked field in your “KPI” table (and so, automatically also in your “raw data” table) to select raw data in your “KPI” table, or vice versa, to select the store in your “raw data” table. Then, use a "rollup field " in your “KPI” table to get the average for the linked fields.

Here, you could use a formula (eg, SWITCH() ) in your “KPI” table, or use an automation to create new records in your “resolving” table (trigger and action).

Our pleasure. Let us know how far you get with this :face_with_monocle: