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ONE DRIVE Linking - Restrictions by Air Table?

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So when I create an Attachment Field Type, I can add various attachments and I can access One Drive to upload documents BUTI cannot access my Business Account…only my personal One Drive. The Air Table system is pointing to for the upload and not microsoftonlinecom. When it points to, it asks for a login and passcode but will NOT allow me to use my Work Account. If Air Table could use the as the link into One Drive then I can select to use my Work or my Personal One Drive as the source. Please, can this be done Air Table ?

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I just had the same problem – I don’t use my personal Onedrive – only my paid business account, but I can’t connect to it here.

I’ve never used Airtable’s OneDrive integration before, but I do have dozens of my Airtable clients successfully using Integromat’s OneDrive integration.

Integromat authenticates using the domain: