Order of records changed when copying and pasting to another table

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi everyone! Currently, I am using Airtable as a question bank for school. I have a number of records that I may choose from each time I am creating a worksheet (composed of a number of records). I have added an additional checkbox field for me to check the records I want before I transfer them to a separate table.

For this second table, I have a python script written that compiles the records into a docx.

Here’s the issue, I need the order of the selected records intact. However, when I copy and paste the selections on to the new table, the records lose the order.

Just wondering if anyone faced a similar issue and how you manage to solve them.

Would appreciate any inputs! Thank you in advance!

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Welcome to the community, @Yu_Xun_Tee !

There is no inherent order to records, so you would need to create another field which would serve as the field you want to sort your records by.

If your records are already in the order you want, you could add an “autonumber” field, which will sometimes (but not always) number your records in the order they appear onscreen.

I see. Thanks for your response!