Our company account is suddenly deleted , We don't know the reason , but at least download our company data

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Today , Our company lost access to account
As a result , our company can’t work at all
There are lots of financial data / customer data / lead information and report , documents , server details
and lots of other important information of our company
Our company send more than 100+ emails and connected them , but there is no reply yet
The business loss is terrible today
can you please just restore account even 15 min , so we can just download our company data ?
Our lawyer and manager is about to sue against this company , airtable , about the business loss
Let me know please
There is no reply from them
we called them as well

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Late reply, but losing access to important company data can be a major setback, especially when it affects your ability to do business. It's good that you're being proactive about trying to restore your account and get your data back. Hopefully, the company will respond soon and you can download your data.
In the meantime, it may be worth considering getting in touch with a legal team like the one at They can provide guidance on what legal options are available to you and help you navigate the process of recovering your lost data.