Page Designer - additional items appear on pdf - how to remove

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi When I create a pdf from page dsigner i get a date and time at the top of the page and a url at the bottom.
These are not in the designer view.
How do i remove them.


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Hi Jim, I just attempted this and the PDFs I created via page designer didn’t have the date/time at the top or the URL at the bottom.

This sounds very much like the standard header and footer’s that one gets when printing a normal web page though. Could you tell me what browser and operating system you’re using so that I could try it out for you?

Thanks very much for replying - I’m using Safari OSX 12.3.1.
Thats very interesting - I wonder if its a setting in the browser

Hi Adam, That was it! Thanks so much, i was stuck!. I turned off options in the browser printing and its all good now. Cheers, Jim