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4 - Data Explorer

Hi sorry if this is really basic but I am completely new to using Airtable so I have a basic data set and am looking to create an invoice, I have the page designer up and it has the options in blue that are in my table (Client, net amount, vat etc) and the option to add images text etc.
What I can’t find is the mode option that allows you to list data format it into a table etc? We do have the upgraded version I just can’t get it to look right in this view can anyone help?

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Welcome to the community, @Lee-Anne_Stott!

You can learn more about Page Designer here:

Page Designer is designed to display only one record that is up to one page long.

If your one record has a linked record field (or associated lookups & rollups), you can display those fields as a table within the one page that you are given for your record.

Because Page Designer is very limited, if your document creation needs are more advanced than what Airtable offers, you may want to check out DocuMint.

HI thanks for the reply, its not that there more advance as such just that the design page for invoicing looks messy and not very professional I could input it manually to a template in a better format but I was ideally looking for something to automate the invoicing process :slightly_smiling_face: ill take another look though

Page Designer also cannot be automated.

Ah right I’ve got a course in the basics booked in I’m going to start with and then see if it can fit what we need all ground up at the moment

Since you’re new to Airtable, you may also benefit greatly from my free Airtable course for beginners:

Thanks I will definitely take a look very much appreciated