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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I’m trying to design a label to be printed using Page Designer. How does one configure the font size for single and multi-select fields? Is that function not available yet? It seems the community has been asking for this for a couple of years now.

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

You can indirectly configure the font size by changing the logical resolution of the page while maintaining its aspect ratio. It won’t actually affect how it looks when printed; it will just change the sizing of elements like single- and multi-select fields.

Alternatively, you can use a static text box to display the values of the fields in the page designer, or pass the values of the fields to a formula and then display the formula field in the page designer. This will strip them of their formatting and color but allow the text to be sized and formatted to your liking.

Hi Katerie,

Thanks for the quick reply, but most of it doesn’t make much sense to me.
"changing the logical resolution of the page " = changing the pixel size for the page width and height? That did not work for the single and multi-select fields. They still print very small.
“static text box to display the values of the fields in the page designer” = defeats the purpose, as the fields should be updated for each record.
“pass the values of the fields to a formula and then display the formula field in the page designer” = I had thought of that but it seems such a cumbersome workaround for a feature users have identified years ago.
I might have to do just that, but hoping it gets added in the near future.
thanks again and have a fantastic weekend. Cheers

Sorry to have given an inadequate description.

Using the static text box, you can insert a value from your single-select field by enclosing the field name in curly brackets. This will cause the value of the single-select or multi-select field to appear in place of the static text. The effect is similar to using a formula field to transform the single-select field into plain text. Either way, you do get a value that updates according to the single-select or multi-select field, which can then be formatted as you like, albeit without showing the color and shape that the single/multi-select field would ordinarily show.

As to the other method I mentioned, the relevant setting to change is “Record Size” in the Page Designer settings menu. Switching it to “Custom” and then entering a pixel value does seem to change the physical size of the select field elements on the pages, at least when printed to a PDF (which can then be printed to physical paper).

At least that’s how it works on the various browsers and machines that my team uses. If you did try changing this and it still is not working for you, it would not surprise me; Airtable’s Page Designer seems to give unpredictable results a lot of the time. Also, changing the page size in this way requires setting the whole page up over again. Hardly a good solution, even if it does end up working.

Thank you so much for elaborating. I’ll try the curly brackets - it sounds like a good solution. Have a great weekend!